Would You Like A Little More Tea?

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((Insert clever title here)) || Marchy and Norri

Marchy stood in some strange world wondering where the rabbit hole had taken him this time. He looked around, seeing that there was water all around him, except for the small bit of land on which he stood. Well this was good. Boring, again. He sat down on the ground, glancing around to see if there was anywhere else to go or if he should just return to Wonderland.
He saw a ship on the horizon, and stood up, hopping up and down, hopping his orange coat would get him noticed, “Can I have a lift?” he yelled as loud as he could, hoping he wouldn’t have to return just yet.

Hi There || Dynaa and Marchy

Marchy sat on the table, sipping tea. He was bored, again. There was nothing to do and the rabbit hole hadn’t taken him anywhere interesting today, just back where he’d started. He leaned backwards, trying to balance in his tail and not spill any tea. But then he heard someone approaching, and jumped to his feet. “Hi!” he called, trying to find the person who’s footsteps he heard, “Would you like some tea?”


Three Impossible Things: + 2




“Hello there! You wouldn’t happen to have seen a rabbit in a waistcoat have you?”


Marchy pouted, looking at the girl, “Why would anyone want a rabbit?” He bowed in her direction, “The March Hare, at your service.” He grinned…

Marcy chuckled, “He’s always rushing, isn’t he? If he just realized that on time was when he got there he’d be a lot happier.” He held out a hand for the girl to shake, “Nice to meet you, Alice!”

"Oh! It’s nice to meet you, too. I don’t really know where I am Mister Hare! I was trying to find him, he would possibly know my way home."

"Where are you from?" he asked, tilting his head to one side so that an ear flopped down in front of his face.



Mark grinned and stuck his tongue out at Alice, “And you know I won’t tell you. Face it, you’ll just go bad mad! Besides, why do you want to know so badly anyways?” He knew, of course. He just wanted to hear Alice say it.

“Mark. I’ll… I’ll…” She huffed. “Take all your tea.” Because that was completely unlikely. “Please tell me…” She pouted and gave him large puppy dog eyes. “I’ll get Katrina to beg with me…”

Mark rolled his eyes, “Like that’d work.” He stuck his tongue out at Alice, “Tell me why you’d REALLY like to know, and I’ll tell you. Otherwise you’ll never find out and you know it!”

Steady Heart Beats || Mark and Katrina, featuring Ellie



Mark chuckled. “Is that a ‘Yes, I want you to stay with us.’ or a ‘Mark, don’t be lazy, I love being with you, but you need to work.’?” he asked her. He wanted to stay, but if she needed some ale time too, he understood that. In between being with him or being visited by friends, she didn’t exactly have much time to herself, even if she was technically with Ellie for some of it.

She smiled and cracked a small laugh. She picked her head up and looked at Mark. “It isn’t being lazy to stay home one day. If you want me to speak that way, then ‘yes, I want you to stay with us.’” Katrina smiled again and kissed his cheek. “I love you.”

Mark beamed, wrapping an arm around her waist, “I love you too.” he smiled. He never got sick of saying that to either of them, and never would. His girls deserved to here that as many times as he could say it. “And I’ll tell Alice to be ready for business, since the best tea shop in town in closing tomorrow. She’ll need a heads up.” he grinned.

Down Below || Attina and Marchy



Marchy turned the book so he could see the cover right side up. “Well,” he said, trying to formulate a description for him, “It’s about this old man, who reads many books about heroes and brave knights. And he decides to try to make the world like that again, full of happy endings and romance and honor and chivalry.” Marchy smiled, “He’s quite mad, but I like him!”

Attina immediately became interested in the book. She wondered if she had a copy in the master library in Atlantica. There weren’t many works created by humans there though. Somehow, she would have to get a copy before returning home. A world with happy endings sounded lovely. “I don’t think he sounds mad. He just wants the world to be a brighter place,” she smiled as she looked to Marchy. “Nothing wrong with that…”

"Exactly!" Marchy agreed, grinning. He thought for a moment, looking at the book, them turned to Attina, smiling a little shyly, "Do you want it?" he asked, "If you don’t have it, you can take this copy." He looked at his shoes. Do they have human books down there?